Who we are


Here is what we want to do: We simply want to be bold about speaking GOD’s truth anytime, anywhere, with sincere love and compassion.

The Holy Spirit will, Himself, carry out the task of pointing GOD’s beautiful children to the right direction where the right help is easily identified (often right before one’s eyes,) and where fear or vacuum becomes history. 

Our joy would be made complete, having been called to be CHRIST-like, and we would, thus, be fulfilling the purpose of our existence.  

Please note: GOD’s Beautiful Child is not LGBTQ-affiliated or LGBTQ-supporting. GOD’s Beautiful Child is tasked with sharing GOD’s TRUTH, including the truth about the true origin of the rainbow as a sign of an everlasting covenant between GOD and earth — an assurance from GOD that He will not, because of our sins, destroy the earth with flood ever again (Genesis 9: 8-17). Everyone, every beautiful child of GOD is warmly welcome to open up our hearts to receive GOD and GOD’s TRUTH!

To see, at least, one beautiful child of GOD who is happy and comfortable to tell another beautiful child of GOD about their experience of GOD’s love, GOD’s reality, GOD’s existence and GOD’s nearness, among other qualities of GOD. 

Most importantly, to see a beautiful child of GOD who is happy and bold to speak and share, not humanly-preferred truth or self-truth, but (instead,) GOD’S OWN TRUTH!



  • Let The HOLY SPIRIT dwell and lead  
  • Speak and share GOD’s TRUTH  
  • Share GOD’s message of HOPE 
  • LOVE must be sincere 
  • GOD first, CHILDREN next 
  • REWARD TRUTH, don’t punish it 
  • GIVERS never lack 
  • Guard your HEART 
  • Season your WORDS